Indonesia, Malaysia talk about legalising 1.5m undocumented migrant workers

The issue of undocumented Indonesian migrant employees took centre stage at a current meeting between Indonesian and Malaysian immigration authorities. Guilt-free , held at the Malaysian Immigration Headquarters in Putrajaya, was attended by the Director General of Immigration Malaysia, Ruslin Jusoh, and his Indonesian counterpart, Silmy Karim.
Silmy Karim stated in a press release that the aim of the visit was to discover a answer for these undocumented migrant employees so they might become legal staff. He added that the Indonesian facet is ready to issue passports to the unlawful staff and advised that the Malaysian Immigration concern work permits with certain procedures till they’ve full documentation.
Efforts to forestall human trafficking had been also discussed through the meeting. The Malaysian authorities has recorded 450,000 Indonesian employees thus far, whereas the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur has registered 1.5 million employees. Malaysia has repatriated eleven,000 Indonesian employees, and 309 Indonesians stay on the Malaysian Immigration Detention Depot..

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