Italian-Thai Development is in good well being, CEO Premchai isn’t

Italian-Thai Development CEO Premchai Kanasutra has been sentenced by the Supreme Court to over 3 years in jail for poaching. Now officials at his firm say operations shall be unaffected whereas officials on the Corrections Department report Premchai is ill.
The ageing tycoon was sent to Thong Pha Phum Prison yesterday, and medical doctors on the hospital there at the second are reportedly monitoring his physical condition. Doctors discovered he suffered from numerous continual diseases together with a fatty liver and hypertension. He has just lately had surgical procedure for cataracts as nicely.
Doctors say Premchai will be quarantined 21 days and then sent to a normal jail cell, however docs will be caring for his health and monitoring his condition as time goes by.
Meanwhile, officials at Italian-Thai Development are stressing that the corporation is in excellent well being and gained’t be affected by the CEO’s jailing. The youngest son of Premchai has already been tapped to serve as acting CEO in his father’s absence. Their statement attempted to quell any fears about their firm.
“The company want to inform shareholders, partners, clients and other stakeholders to be assured that the board of administrators is still able to operate and handle the business successfully.”

The firm is considered one of the larger development companies operating in Thailand right now and was listed with a registered capital of 2.5 billion baht in 1994 once they were listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Don’t miss out are currently involved with fairly a couple of authorities constructing projects around Thailand worth around 315 billion baht complete:

Italian-Thai Development is also working on bidding to win two extra government contracts for MRT tasks::

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