Woman stole 59b of food, stabbed Mini Big-C workers to escape

A girl was caught when she stole 59 baht worth of snack gadgets at a Mini Big C in Nontha Buri, but issues escalated rapidly when she stabbed the employee that caught her to make her escape. The unhappy story took place on December 29, but after a warrant was issued for her arrest, police just managed to trace the woman down and arrest her at Petchkasem Soi 81 when she stopped at a petrol station yesterday.
The 37-year old girl is a mom of 2 children and explains that she stole the food gadgets because her children mentioned they had been hungry and she or he didn’t have any cash. According to her, she was on her method with her 2 children to go to her new lover when the kids started complaining that they had been very hungry.
She stopped at the Mini Big C however didn’t have any money to purchase them meals. So she stole some jelly, a number of bread items, and 2 bottles of soda to feed the hungry children. It was then that a 23 year outdated lady working for the store spotted her and stopped her for shoplifting.
The worker held the woman who stole the snacks and called the police but as they waited for the police to arrive the mom obtained antsy and looked for an escape. Genuine determined girl noticed a show selling knives and she or he grabbed one and stabbed the employee of the Mini Big C.
The girl working at the store was critically wounded and the thief grabbed her kids and ran out of the shop. Police checked the CCTV footage and issued a warrant for the woman’s arrest. Now that she has been taken into custody yesterday, she faces charges for weapons offences, theft, and most significantly, attempted homicide. Members only on the situation of the store worker have not been launched..

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