1thirteen yr previous Thai scholar stabs classmate due to persistent bullying in Isaan

A thirteen yr previous schoolboy stabbed his classmate claiming that the victim had subjected him to constant bullying at a highschool in the Isaan province of Udon Thani.
The Sam Phrao Sub-district Administration Organisation (SAO) rescue team rushed to the college to assist the injured schoolboy, 13 year previous Joe. He was discovered lying on the mattress in the college first aid room with a stab wound to his chest and a cut on his left palm.
The attacker, thirteen 12 months outdated A, was later transferred to the Mueang Udon Thani Police Station for questioning. The knife used within the attack was seized as proof.
A admitted to his violent act and claimed that he had been persistently bullied by the victim, Joe, for a long time. Confidential mentioned Joe all the time thought he was superior and sought the possibility to bully him despite the precise fact that they studied in a different classroom.
Due to A’s status as a minor, police officers selected to briefly release him into the custody of his dad and mom. A youth specialist would later visit A at his house to question A deeper about the motives behind his actions.
A’s good friend, 13 12 months previous Nes, reported to the police that he did not know when and how the bullying and conflict between the 2 started. Nes made recognized that the victim started the fight and had been in battle with A for a very lengthy time.
According to Nes, Joe punched A after he obtained stabbed and ran to the first aid room to hunt help from the teacher.
The Deputy Director of the varsity gave an interview with Channel 7 reporting that the varsity is now investigating the case and urged the media not to disclose the school’s identify.
Regrettably, this incident just isn’t an isolated occurrence. A disconcerting trend of school-related violence stemming from bullying in Thailand has come to the forefront.
In June, a 15 year previous boy chose to quit college and locked himself in a bed room for years due to a college bully about his gender identity. He didn’t discuss to anybody even his mother and only got here out of the room a couple of instances a 12 months.
Similarly, a heartbreaking incident unfolded in the identical month, the place a teenage girl was hospitalised after she consumed over 20 drugs of sleeping tablets and paracetamol in an try to end her life as a end result of she was bullied at college.
In May, a 14 yr previous schoolboy at a secondary school in the northeastern province of Sisaket stabbed fellow students as a end result of the victims at all times bullied him. One student was killed, whereas one other two had been injured.
Another knife incident was reported previously in February when a sixteen year previous boy stabbed his classmate outside the varsity in Pattaya..

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