ASEAN immigration authorities to address transborder crimes at Phuket

In the coming week, ASEAN immigration authorities are making ready to convene in Phuket to deal with the ongoing problems with transborder crimes throughout the area. The assembly will see the participation of delegates from China, Japan, South Korea, and Australia.
According to the commissioner of the Immigration Bureau, Pakphumpipat Sajjaphan, the Immigration Bureau (IB) together with the Royal Thai Police (RTP), are set to host the twenty sixth annual meeting of the ASEAN Directors-General of Immigration Departments and Heads of Consular Affairs Divisions of Ministries of Foreign Affairs Meeting (DGICM), from August 7 to eleven on the island.
Pakphumpipat confused that the main target of the DGICM discussions would revolve across the quashing of transnational crimes and potential threats targeting the nationwide safety of Thailand and fellow ASEAN nations.
“The primary focus of the DGICM is to improve cooperation among Asean members and its observers for intelligence. Addressing human trafficking, smuggling, terrorism and cyber crimes is the main goal of the RTP.”
The DGICM is an initiative launched in 1996 with regular participation from the ten ASEAN member states. Hosting duties are shared among the member states.
In Unique ’s gathering, the IB and the RTP are being hosted by Thailand, setting the stage for in-depth discussions on pertinent immigration issues reported Bangkok Post.
Additionally, the DGICM will combine the United Nations’ environmental conservation stance of advocating for a low-carbon strategy, calling for the utilisation of sustainable and reusable supplies for the equipment involved in the center of the convention.
Pakphumpipat confirmed the invitation of delegates from sixteen nations, together with domestic and international media. They shall be part of the convention proceedings, attend banquets and explore various websites in Phuket.
In current news, ASEAN has bolstered talks with the UK and Russia in an try to additional drive financial cooperation.
A senior official from the division, Duangarthit Nidhi-u-tai, was despatched to represent the region at the 4th ASEAN-UK, 15th ASEAN-Russia, and thirty first ASEAN-Europe senior financial officials’ meetings..

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