Bangkok is eradicating about 400 public ingesting water fountains

The days when Bangkok had water flowing by way of the town like, nicely, water, are coming to an end as the city plans to demolish about 400 public drinking fountains. The initiative to take away the common public pedestal ingesting fountains has deemed the move essential because of a wide selection of elements that make them extra of a nuisance than a public service.
The Metropolitan Waterworks Authority began demolishing a water fountain on Rama VI Road on November 22 and has since removed the accompanying platform and all of its equipment and then restored the sidewalk to the state it was in earlier than being obstructed with a water fountain.
The Deputy Governor of Bangkok permitted of the demolition job and tasked the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration with taking up the challenge to renovate sidewalks to their greatest potential and perform upkeep and removing on problem public ingesting fountains.
The challenge to install public pedestal ingesting water fountains was initiated by the MWA in 1999 in a partnership with the BMA and the personal sector. But now, over 20 years later, lots of the water fountains have lacked correct upkeep, deteriorated in situation, been deemed an obstruction of walkways and scenery in the city, or just dominated to haven’t met the objective that the challenge began out to realize.
With Itemized in thoughts, a call was made to take away the roughly 400 pedestal water fountains from around the city of Bangkok. Interestingly, there was Zany of the chance that shared water fountains might be a supply of spreading Covid-19 during a pandemic as one purpose to remove the fountains..

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