Blueberry cheesecake price 330 baht at Bangkok bakery sparks furious Internet debate

A small bakery shop in Bangkok’s Nana neighbourhood has stirred social media ire, with a single slice of blueberry cheesecake priced at 330 baht. Worse nonetheless, the worth is omitted from the menu, surprising clients when the bill comes. Angry Internet commenters made suggestions for reporting the matter to the relevant authorities.
A Facebook person shared their expertise within the Thai client group called We Are Consumers. Plain expressed astonishment on the hefty price for a slice of cake in a Nana establishment, particularly when no pricing was acknowledged on the menu. Caught off guard by the bill of 330 baht per slice with three friends, the consumer fell into shock.
“Blueberry cheesecake, 330 baht per slice. Does everyone suppose this worth is too high? Three items value 990 baht!”

The publish defined that things got heated at the cashier once they have been hit with the excessive invoice and wanted to confirm the worth. To make matters worse, the menu included a product code next to the cheesecake, which was misunderstood as pricing by the patron, reported KhaoSod. The code was 119-129 which looks like an inexpensive value range for cheesecake.
This disclosure snowballed right into a viral food debate with people fiercely arguing online if a single slice of blueberry cheesecake priced at 330 baht was an extreme ask. It was identified that this quantity may purchase a pound of cake. Comments usually centred across the legality of not having prices listed on the menu.
“A five-star lodge cake is not even this costly. Expensive, sure. But they can set the costs as they need. Even if they set it higher, the question is, do they declare the prices? The absence of it is already in opposition to the law. If there are no clear prices on the menu, I believe we will complain. Even whether it is catered to foreigners, it should not be this expensive and if the shop doesn’t show the prices, report to the Internal Trade Department.”

Some suspicious commenters additionally speculated that the high-priced blueberry cheesecake carefully resembled one from a preferred store, hinting at a possible resell.
“In a nutshell, what happened was, the menu didn’t specify the prices and it looks as if the cake is from another retailer. This shop doubtless resells it. If that is true, then the store’s title should not be hid (since they are in the incorrect for not specifying prices clearly). If requested whether or not 330 baht per slice is pricey, then yes, it’s exceedingly high- even a five-star lodge cake is not this costly!”

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