Heavy rain warning across Thailand, sturdy winds raise flood threat

Heavy rain and flash floods are forecast across Thailand right now with a 70% chance of Bangkok being affected. Moneyback , the Thai Meteorological Department has warned residents in at-risk areas.
The Meteorological Department reviews that for the next 24 hours, starting from 6pm yesterday until 6pm at present, heavy rain and thunderstorms are anticipated throughout the northern, central, and jap areas of Thailand. Some areas within the southern area on the Andaman Sea coast can expect very heavy downpours. Citizens in these areas are warned of the dangers related to heavy to very heavy rainfall and accrued rain, which can lead to flash floods and forest runoff, notably in areas near slopes, riverbanks, and low-lying land.
These climate situations can be attributed to the present strong southwest monsoon, which covers the Andaman Sea, Thailand, and the Gulf of Thailand, and is accompanied by a low-pressure system in the west of the central area. Strong wind waves have been observed in the Andaman Sea, with wave heights reaching 2-3 metres and over 3 metres in thunderstorm-affected areas.
In the Gulf of Thailand, wave heights are seen to succeed in 1-2 metres, exceeding 2 metres throughout thunderstorms, reported Sanook.
Boat operators within the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand are being urged to train caution and avoid crusing in areas experiencing thunderstorms. For small boats in the Andaman Sea, it is suggested to keep away from heading out to sea till June 6..

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