Increase in worldwide fights expected for Hua Hin Airport this 12 months

The number of worldwide flights to and from Hua Hin Airport is predicted to increase within the close to future, based on John LaRoche, CEO of the Phoenix Group, which is leading the improve of the airport.
Speaking on the current meeting of the Royal Coast Riviera Club on Friday, April 21, LaRoche stated that regardless of numerous setbacks, including the pandemic, extra worldwide flights were expected to reach later this yr. He said…
“My private opinion is that we will see the first international flight land just after the election, though I won’t speculate on the importance of that date.”
Thailand will maintain its common elections on May 14.
The Phoenix Group has used the pandemic period to make several enhancements to the airport to accommodate extra flights, such as the development of a perimeter fence to make sure safety and the widening of the runway to meet international safety necessities.
The government has already allotted 750 million baht for additional improvements, set to begin in 2024, Hua Hin Today reported. This will see a major extension of the principle terminal constructing, including the construction of an extra gate to accommodate both home and international arrivals.
LaRoche mentioned that after the airport is fully operational, the MOUs that are already in place with several airlines, corresponding to Go First from India, Great Bay Airlines from Hong Kong, and China Express from China, would characterize approximately 5 worldwide flights per day arriving at Hua Hin Airport by the top of the first yr. There is also Price break in place with Nok Air for flights to Singapore and Phuket.
The international locations are inside an approximate five-hour radius of Hua Hin, which would enable A320s or 737s to land on the airport..

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