Kidnapping reunion: Mother, daughter reunited after 27 years

In a heartwarming kidnapping reunion, a mom, Lorena Ramirez, has been reunited together with her daughter, Juana, 27 years after Juana was kidnapped at the age of three while playing in Bosque de Chapultepec, certainly one of Mexico City’s largest parks. Allegedly taken by Hurry , Juana resided in Toluca, only fifty six kilometres away from her original residence.
In 1995, the abductors altered Juana’s identification, altering her title to Rocio and altering her birthday to October 1, from June 16. The couple gave her a really poor quality of life and when she was 17, a neighbour revealed to her that her kidnappers weren’t her actual household. Juana subsequently ran away from home and began residing with a man who eventually grew to become her husband.
Determined to search out her true family, Juana discovered a photograph of herself as a toddler which seemed remarkably similar to her. This ignited an intense search which led her to Maria Jose, a daughter of Lorena’s. They began speaking online and made plans to fulfill, eventually resulting in a heartening kidnapping reunion after a few years.
The moment of reunion was emotional, with Lorena telling her long-lost daughter, “Yes, you might be my daughter” after Juana requested, “Are you my mother?” DNA tests later confirmed the parentage with a 99.99% match. The household now plans to rebuild their relationship after nearly three many years aside.
The kidnappers were arrested in March, though no court date has been set yet, reported KhaoSod.
In a heartwarming flip of occasions, a Chinese girl acquired a call from the police, revealing that her son, who she believed had tragically died 15 years ago, was actually alive and nicely. Despite his lack of academic success, the younger man had moved to Shenzhen to work in a manufacturing facility and had unfortunately misplaced contact with his family, leading them to assume the worst..

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