Monk impersonator run out of city

PHUKET: A shambolic faux monk recently attracted the suspicions of local folks in Nakhon Ratchasima Province – and the attention of the police – by trying to gather alms within the afternoon.
Villagers called officers at Phimai Police Station to investigate a man who claimed to be a monk, but was improperly dressed, collecting alms late and generally even asking for money instead of meals.
At Phimai Irrigation Reservoir, police discovered the scruffy figure of Sawaeng Prasertnu, 36.
Mr Sawaeng was wearing a monk’s inner garment and trousers – each utterly totally different shades of brown – but had not wrapped himself in an outer gown, as Thai monks are required to do.
Lt Phonphawi Sutsawaeng, deputy inspector of Phimai Police Station, searched the errant clergyman, however failed to find any evidence that he had been ordained.
Mr Sawaeng advised the officer he had been a monk for one yr already at a temple in Nakhon Phanom Province.
However, he informed Lt Phonphawi that he couldn’t keep in mind the title of the monk he was learning beneath.
He mentioned he was travelling around the nation because he didn’t like staying on the temple, preferring to maneuver from place to position on his personal.
The only drawback was that sometimes he couldn’t discover a place in the shade to rest, he mentioned.
Local villagers all told Lt Phonphawi the same factor: that the supposed monk showed as a lot as gather alms in the late morning and even as late as 2-3pm.
Monks in Thailand usually gather alms within the early morning and don’t eat after midday.
Sometimes Mr How-to would even ask for cash, saying that he did so as a outcome of he was not allowed to simply accept meals within the afternoon.
Officers tried to take Mr Sawaeng to a local temple to have the abbot confirm whether or not or not he was truly a monk, however he refused to get into the police automotive.
The police had to seize him by his legs and pull him into the car.
But when they got to the temple, the abbot was busy with a ceremony, so they might not confirm if Mr Sawaeng was an actual monk.
They settled for one more answer: they drove him out of Phimai District and told him he can be arrested if he ever returned..

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