NAFFCO showcases in Intersec 2017

NAFFCO, the world’s main producer and supplier of life safety solutions reveals at Intersec 2017, the world’s largest and most comprehensive trade and networking exhibition for the Security and Safety industries.
A leading producer and provider of life security options, NAFFCO, the founding sponsor of Intersec is presenting the latest products and trends in safety and security focusing on its sensible applied sciences and improvements. Intersec 2017 is being held from 22nd to twenty fourth January at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Dubai, UAE.
Recognizing Intersec as a world assembly platform, Eng. Khalid Al Khatib, Chief Executive Officer said, “NAFFCO might be standing out as a “one-stop-solution” source for all sorts of fire protection techniques. In the 1,439-sqm stand at Hall 6 of the Dubai World Trade Center, NAFFCO will showcase its wide selection of state-of-the-art firefighting merchandise including heavy-duty fire hoses and reels, fire suppression and protection systems, custom-made hearth cabinets, extinguishers, fire pumps fire-rated doorways, fireplace alarms, CCTV systems, ambulances, rescue vehicles and hearth trucks as properly as cellular hospitals and platform vehicles.”
In this year’s version, NAFFCO highlighted, amongst other innovations and services, the newly launched Pump Cloud, NAFFCO Automatic Fuel Filtration System, Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Vehicle (ARFFV), Emergency Lighting System, NAFFCO Training, New Eco-barid foam extinguisher for lithium batteries – a model new kind of specialist fire extinguisher to be used on class D fires; SIL2 etc
Pump Cloud:
Considering the important role of fireplace pump as the heart of firefighting system, it ought to be monitored round-the-clock to ensure that it’s correctly working particularly during emergencies. Pump Cloud is a contemporary and innovative system that allows 24/7 monitoring of fireplace pumps. It uses an interface unit related with the fire pump controllers and related sensors and tools in the Fire Pump room which in turn will send monitored signals to a special modem that communicates with NAFFCO Desktop Managing system via 3G or GPRS, the place NAFFCO upkeep staff on standby are monitoring the pump 24 / 7 and ready for motion.
NAFFCO Automatic Fuel Filtration System:
Fuel contamination is a significant cause of untimely shutdown for standby engines, generator sets, hearth pump engines, and different diesel engine help features. Contamination begins as quickly because the tanks are crammed and continues till the gas is used. As Final of storage interval is increased, the likelihood of premature engine shutdown is also elevated as a outcome of clogged filter or excessive water entrainment.
The resolution: NAFFCO Automatic Fuel Filtration System. It is a self-contained, stand-alone system that removes and prevents the build-up of water, sludge and contaminants in tanks. It stabilizes diesel and bio-fuels, eliminates microbial contamination to optimize and keep gas quality. It is designed to fulfill NFPA necessities in sustaining and cleansing fuel saved in gas tanks in accordance with NFPA 20, NFPA 25, and NFPA a hundred and ten.
Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Vehicle (ARFFV):
Also known as the Fire Falcon 6, ARFFV is again in the Intersec this year proudly showcasing its personal manufactured prototype of the falcon cabin which was efficiently tested as per the internationally acknowledged testing E/ECE/324 and E/ECE/TRANS/505, Addendum 28, Regulation No. 29 with regard to protection of the occupants of the cabin. In the continuous effort to provide NAFFCO clients with confirmed and secure technologies, the requirements of the standard had been purposely exceeded and the falcon cabin demonstrated excellent strength and impact properties. The roof power was examined with 13500 kg, which is 3500kg more than the regulation requirement and the entrance influence check was performed at 55 kJ, towards the 45 kJ specified by the regulation.
Emergency Lighting System:
When the general synthetic lighting fails, orientation should nonetheless be ensured in buildings even for visitors. Accordingly, there are authorized provisions governing the gear and dimensioning of emergency lighting installations that might be activated when there isn’t any mains voltage.
NAFFCO Provides the Intelligent Emergency Lighting Solution that ensures the safety and integrity of your emergency system with automated monitoring and reporting solution. All the products Control Panel, Emergency Luminaires and accessories are fully tested and licensed by British Standards Institution (BSI).
Easy Addressing & Grouping of Lights, Sets Maintenance Schedule, Generates auto Reports through the use of NAFFCO Addressable Emergency lighting monitoring contact panel. NAFFCO Emergency and Exit Lights are designed with latest LED technology which is absolutely complying with green building idea.
Eco Barid Foam Fire Extinguisher for Class ABD and F
NAFFCO saved pressure kind Eco Barid foam extinguisher are multipurpose, best for fires involving volatile liquids and freely burning materials similar to paper, fabric, wooden, furniture and cooking oil or fat fires (A,B,D and F courses of fire) and is appropriate for the use with most types of proportioning and discharge gadgets which performs excellently when used with CAF techniques. Cheap is 100% environmental friendly free from PFOA, PFOs and fluorine.
It is designed for speedy fire knockdown by creating a film on the thing of fire and along with this, it creates a cooling impact and acts like a hearth sealant which helps to extinguish the hearth quicker and decrease re ignition. The environmental friendly components within the foam concentrate have the deep impregnation functionality when used on flamable solid materials fires which makes it near to unimaginable for re ignition. This is important when extinguishing deep-seated fires in wooden, paper, rubber, and different odd combustibles. It acts like a hearth sealant when applied on flamable supplies.
Safety Integrity Level (SIL2) is a measure of the reliability of a system to be in operation when a maximum danger and fault are analysed based mostly on no of flooring, occupancy and in accordance to the guide traces set by the Engineer or the Authority having Jurisdiction to maximize the reliability and effectivity of Life Safety, that’s where you will want a SIL2 rated panel.
Why SIL2 supersedes the Normal Addressable Fire Alarm Panel?
Redundancy: CPU, I/O playing cards, Power Supply and Display obtainable on the panel to ensure the continual operation incase of a quantity of failures.
Hot–swap: CPU, I/O cards, Power Supply and Display can be changed without switching off the panel, thus sustaining system safety and security functionality.
Extreme reduction of false alarms below acceptable ranges out of one hundred indicators there is a risk for just one fault.
High degree of Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) for the software program and hardware of the system.
High tolerance and stability over electromagnetic noise.
NAFFCO Training
To enhance consciousness and alleviate technical data on fire security standards, NAFFCO provides training programs based mostly on 3 main aspects specifically:
Theory. Using the classroom environment our internationally accredited instructors train NFPA rules and laws.
Practical. We provide hands-on coaching on all fireplace security methods
Testing and certification. We provide NFPA certifications in addition to NAFFCO certifications
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