NBT Twitter account retweets pornographic dick pic

Tools Broadcasting Services of Thailand, the state-run TV and radio station, had a bit of a cock-up today on their social media. Though it’s unclear precisely how it occurred, earlier right now the official Twitter account of the NBT, which acts because the media arm of the Government Public Relations Department, retweeted a pornographic image of a man sitting with a big, erect penis.
The publish on Twitter was not their own original submit, but rather they were sharing – or “retweeting” – a publish from another person’s account, on this case one which posts hardcore images. The photo itself appears to be doctored, with someone’s face photoshopped onto the unique, though the id of both man within the unique or the doctored photo is unknown.
It was unclear if the retweet was the results of an embarrassing cock-up, or a ballsy move from a disgruntled employee.
The retweet was posted in the afternoon, and shortly deleted before 5 pm, presumably when somebody notice the error. Perhaps it was a social media manager, or perhaps – if they’re unlucky – someone greater up in the organisation. Before it was deleted no much less than one person replied with a snarky remark about how somebody will be shedding their job over this.
Coconuts noticed that their Twitter account had been adopted by the NBT not lengthy before this awkward submit, which they suggested might have been an advance trace of deliberate social media sabotage.
Further details are not out there, and as of now, the NBT has not commented on the tweet or its elimination. The tweet itself might be a prosecutable offence, as pornography is illegal in Thailand and posting porn on Twitter or other places on-line falls underneath the Computer Crime Act.
The flub is reminiscing of an identical political embarrassment in US politics in 2017, when fairly disliked US Senator Ted Cruz was captured giving a “like” to a pornographic image on a Twitter profile that exclusively shared porn.

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