Netzsch provides pre-grinding unit

Netzsch has released its new PROPHI pre-grinding unit, which grinds coarse feed material that is difficult to handle in a standard mill.
The PROPHI 20 is a disc agitator bead mill modified for coarse grinding with high throughput and a grinding chamber volume of approx. 20 litres. In the peripheral pace range of 8–12 m/s, a product throughput of as much as 25 m³/h could be achieved with this machine dimension. เกจวัดแรงดันสูญญากาศ of the grinding media used typically ranges from 2.0 – mm.
During improvement of the pre-grinding unit, a disc agitator was chosen as a outcome of the same web power input yields nearly double the grinding chamber volume than when using a pin agitator. This provides significantly more grinding physique contacts and a bigger cooling surface for grinding.
With a pre-grinding unit, the particle size distribution of a product may be adjusted in order that very small grinding media can be utilized in the subsequent fine-grinding stage. Tests have proven that course of control with the Netzsch PROPHI pre-grinding unit can reduce the precise energy requirement by greater than 50% as compared with utilizing basic pre-dispersion methods.

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