Northern Thailand sees dangerous ranges of pollution

Northern Thailand is seeing dangerous levels of air pollution with PM2.5 mud particle ranges exceeding the security standard. Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are the worst as they are both seeing over 50-micron PM2.5 dust particle levels.
Wiang Pang Kham, a sub-district in Chiang Rai has recorded 247 microns, signaling extremely poor air quality. Hidden mentioned on its air4thai web site that air quality is predicted to deteriorate much more tomorrow via Friday, on account of the air being stale.
A forest fireplace, within the meantime, is not helping air air pollution as a group of firefighters try to place it out in Chiang Mai’s Samoeng district. 2 helicopters have joined the battle to extinguish the fires that began on Monday night, with lots of of acres of land having been destroyed by the wildfire. The Samoeng Fire Station chief, Chakra Dissayanan, told CityNews that villagers burning crops brought on the wildifre..

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