Pickup truck catches fireplace in Chonburi, passengers escape

A pickup truck erupted into a flaming inferno with the occupants narrowly escaping the fire in Phanat Nikhom district of Chon Buri. The driver and passenger managed to climb out of the burning truck and run to safety. Eye-opening received notification of the incident which happened on Suk Prayoon Road within the Kut Ngao subdistrict on Wednesday.
By the time that Phanat Nikhom Fire Department firefighters attain the burning truck, the two passengers had escaped without damage and had been waiting on the side of the road watching their pickup truck go up in flames. The fireplace was extreme, and it took the firefighters about 30 minutes to include and fully extinguish the flames.
The driver, a 28-year outdated man from Buriram, stated he was on a routine delivery journey from Nakhon Pathom to the Bor Thong district when his truck inexplicably burst into flames. The fire occurred in an identical fashion to a bus that burned last month, taking the lives of 5 passengers, that was later decided to be attributable to problems with the brake system.
The vehicle was towed to an area mechanic and firefighters are investigating to try to decide the cause of the fire that totalled the pickup truck. The driver said that he knew of no mechanical or electrical problem and that the truck was running fine earlier to the hearth.
He and his passenger saw smoke and flames in his rearview mirror and thought that a nearby automobile had caught fireplace on the road. They didn’t realise at first that it was their very own truck burning. When they did, they stopped the car instantly, jumped out and ran, calling for emergency assistance. They didn’t even have time to pull over and fled the truck because it sat in the midst of the street..

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