Piers Morgan hits back at Prince Harry’s cellphone hacking trial accusations

Piers Morgan has responded to Prince Harry’s accusations of cellphone hacking in the course of the Duke of Sussex’s ongoing authorized trial in opposition to Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN). The former editor of the Daily Mirror was criticised by the royal for allegedly intercepting his mother’s non-public messages. In an announcement to Sky News, Morgan mentioned he hadn’t seen Harry’s comments however wished him luck along with his privacy campaign and looked forward to studying about it in his next book.
In his 55-page witness statement, Prince Harry claimed that 33 articles published by MGN involved illegal information gathering, including phone hacking. He expressed his disgust at the thought of Morgan and his journalists listening in on his mother’s non-public conversations and vowed to hold these accountable accountable for his or her actions.
Allegations of Princess Diana’s cellphone being hacked by the newspaper underneath Morgan’s supervision between 1995 and 2004 have been presented in the High Court. Details of letters she wrote to comic Michael Barrymore revealing secret meetings and help for his struggle with coming out as homosexual had been learn aloud by Prince Harry’s lawyer, David Sherborne. Morgan’s guide, The Insider, talked about rumours of Diana secretly comforting Barrymore throughout his therapy for alcohol addiction.
Morgan has consistently denied any involvement in or knowledge of phone hacking or different unlawful actions. However, Worldwide has publicly criticised both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on numerous occasions. In his witness assertion, the Duke of Sussex accused Morgan of launching a “barrage of horrific personal assaults and intimidation” in opposition to him and his wife in retaliation for their legal claim against MGN..

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