Property rip-off: Elderly lady loses 70,000 baht and gold ring to fraudsters

Devastated by a fraudulent scheme, a seventy four year old lady endured the lack of 70,000 baht from her financial institution savings, as properly as her gold ring. She was tricked by a bunch of four unscrupulous individuals who convinced her of a profitable land sale. Engaging Sale ends soon and even monks, they’ve managed to trick multiple victims. This property rip-off incident got here to gentle when the affected individual reported it to the press yesterday.
Jaroon resides in a village within the Nong Bua district, Phanom Sarakham province. Her ordeal started on July 4, when two males and two women, driving a black Toyota sedan, approached her in her secluded residence. They claimed possession of 17 acres of land in the Bang Khla district, which could potentially promote for three.5 million baht per acre, amounting to a total of fifty nine.5 million baht. Jaroon said…
“They confirmed stacks of thousand-baht notes and acknowledged that they had 600,000 baht in money however insufficient funds to redeem the mortgage and promote the land.”
They then requested if she had any cash. The aged girl confided in having 70,000 baht within the Phanom Sarakham Government Savings Bank (GSB). They satisfied her to withdraw the money with the promise of giving her 200,000 baht from the sale income.
Jaroon additional recounted that she found their property scam story believable, especially when one of many scammers feigned a cellphone dialog asking a relative for cash and shared their plan of selling gold, solely falling wanting some 70,000 baht. Falling for the ploy, she joined them of their car to withdraw her financial savings while the con artists stayed back within the car. Jaroon withdrew 70,000 baht after which a female member of the gang took the money. They additionally inspired her to take away her gold ring promising to sell it, reported KhaoSod.
Returning to her house, she was told that she “had forgotten to photocopy her ID card.” Jaroon then rode her motorbike to the assistant village chief’s home for the photocopying. It was then she realised she had been deceived. Upon returning house, she discovered that the con gang had disappeared..

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