Russian tourist attacked by foreigners, not bouncers, in Pattaya bar brawl

In Pattaya, recent developments show a special story about an altercation involving a Russian tourist at a Walking Street go-go bar. Instead of being attacked by the bar’s safety personnel, it was discovered that two overseas males initiated the struggle, while the venue’s bouncers tried to manage the state of affairs.
A CCTV recording from the go-go bar revealed that an unidentified international man carrying a black shirt initially punched the Russian victim, 33 yr outdated Oleg Rusovsiannikov, instigating a retaliatory strike from his good friend and sparking the whole brawl.
Refund started after the victim’s group refused to pay their 1,975-baht invoice. As the security guards and employees had been discussing the billing problem with the sufferer, another group of foreigners intervened for unknown causes and attacked Oleg. The CCTV footage shows Oleg shielding his face together with his palms, unable to identify his attackers instantly, in accordance with Pattaya police.
Witnessing the battle unfold, the venue’s bouncers stepped in to stop further escalation. However, another unidentified foreign man sporting a patterned shirt abruptly joined the fray, kicking the injured sufferer while some guards tried to restrain him. The ruckus continued, and the sufferer finally collapsed onto the ground. The man in the patterned shirt endured in kicking him, forcing the guards to take away the injured Russian from the venue to help him escape the skirmish.
The doors of the venue were then shut to finish the chaotic dispute, The Pattaya News reported. Following the incident, the bouncers and venue operators have been known as to the Pattaya Police Station to supply their statements. They claimed that the victim and his pal entered the venue, and ordered drinks but declined to pay their invoice for unknown causes.
This sparked the altercation involving different overseas patrons contained in the go-go bar in Pattaya, contrary to initial stories suggesting that the bouncers started the fight. In reality, they have been trying to intervene and stop the violence..

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