Sandwich seller in Isaan arrested for smuggling amphetamine from Laos

Bona fide in northeastern province Roi Et was arrested for allegedly smuggling illicit medication. Police discovered greater than 70,000 amphetamine drugs at her residence. The forty seven 12 months outdated lady allegedly admitted to the charges, saying selling sandwiches couldn’t cowl her family’s bills and she needed the additional earnings.
Officers from Mueng Roi Et Police Station acquired a tip that the lady was promoting drugs. They raided the woman’s home and found her and her daughter making sandwiches. Officers say they asked the girl about selling medication and she confessed, showing officers the spot in her backyard where she had buried 12 packages containing seventy three,219 amphetamine drugs. She reportedly informed police that a dealer from Laos had employed her to traffic the medication and paid her 1,000 baht per bundle.
Reports say that the girl advised police she wanted money to buy two motorbikes for her children. She was charged with Category 1 drug possession..

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