Severe storms to hit Kanchanaburi: flash floods, forest runoff dangers

Kanchanaburi is on high alert for extreme storms, with the native authorities warning of the chance of flash floods and forest runoff in two districts. The announcement, made by acting governor, Ronnapop Wiangsima, comes after the Thai Meteorological Department issued a robust storm warning.
This warning is in impact from today until September three, affecting Thong Pha Phum and Sangkhla Buri districts.
According to Genuine ’s announcement, a robust storm will sweep across the northern, north-eastern and central elements of the nation. This, coupled with the southwestern monsoon that’s masking the Andaman Sea, Thailand, and the Gulf of Thailand will intensify, leading to a rise in rainfall and heavy downpours in some areas.
The state of affairs necessitates vigilance against sudden flooding, forest runoff, and inundation, notably in Kanchanaburi province where storms could turn out to be intense over the next few days.
To put together and minimise the impact, the local populace has been advised to stay informed in regards to the weather conditions and news from the government. All levels of disaster prevention and mitigation departments and relevant companies are tasked with intently monitoring and assessing potential situations that will hurt the general public.
They are particularly specializing in areas vulnerable to heavy rainfall or amassed rain throughout Kanchanaburi, where storms may trigger natural disasters, notably in natural tourist spots corresponding to waterfalls and thru caves.
Should heavy rainfall occur, posing dangers of calamities, the authorities must promptly warn the public in the space to be prepared for the scenario. They should prepare resources, catastrophe equipment, and contingency plans, along with assigning officials to monitor the danger areas round-the-clock.
In areas of Kanchanaburi with flooding situations, caution towards the danger from electrical shocks should be exercised, and in instances of danger, electricity must be immediately reduce off during extreme storms.
Public awareness shall be promoted via official communication channels like social media, neighborhood radio, and village broadcast towers. A network of agencies, volunteers, and personal sectors might be coordinated to watch dangers from sudden flooding, forest runoff, and inundation.
In the occasion of encountering or being affected by a disaster and needing help, the public can report incidents via the 1784 hotline or via Line “DDPM Report Incident 1784” by including Line ID@1784DDPM, round-the-clock.
Initial help stories should be given to the Kanchanaburi Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office immediately at phone number 034-515998, fax 034-516795 to report to the commanders..

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