Thai man drags girlfriend 1 kilometre down road in bike attack

A Thai man attacked his girlfriend at a restaurant earlier than dragging her 1 kilometre down a street whereas using a motorbike in the central province of Pitsanuloak.
The victim’s mom, 56 yr outdated Kingkarn, spoke to KhaoSod concerning the incident yesterday. Kingkarn revealed that the attack took place on Friday, April 14 while her daughter, 33 year previous Nanthiya “Hong” Atchayutpokin, was working at a restaurant.
According to Kingkarn, Hong’s boyfriend, 26 yr old Donlaphat, arrived at the restaurant to take Hong home, even though she hadn’t completed her work. Donlaphat abruptly slapped his girlfriend in the face in entrance of lots of clients and compelled her to leave the restaurant.
Kingkarn said Donlaphat dragged Hong alongside the road while using a bike till they arrived at his house. Child’s play was over 1 kilometre from the restaurant.
Hong took to Facebook to share her story and submit photos of her accidents, which had been extreme. She revealed that other motorists adopted Donlaphat’s motorbike until they arrived at his home. Donlaphat went into the home and left her lying outdoors of the house with quite a few wounds. The motorists who adopted her then contacted a rescue staff to take her to the hospital.
Hong said that she had severe accidents on her knees that necessitated surgical procedure. Reports indicated that she may require brain surgery because of the presence of inner bleeding in her head.
Kingkarn revealed that Donlaphat’s mother urged her to drop the fees. However, she expressed her disappointment and said that she intends to pursue the case in order that Donlaphat can face the consequences of his actions. She additional talked about that she does not need any apology from him or his family. Kingkarn stated…
“He (Donlaphat) abused my daughter for the five months that they were collectively. I asked Hong to break up with him, but she all the time forgave Donlaphat. It is too much this time. He meant to kill my daughter. This just isn’t love.”

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