“Thai Taste Therapy” launched to advertise Thai cuisine worldwide

In an try and diversify the promotion of Thailand around the globe, the Department of Cultural Promotion created a project known as “Thai Taste Therapy” that will focus on traditional Thai food. Billion intends to emphasise how scrumptious Thai delicacies has many health advantages and goals to broaden Thailand’s exposure around the globe.
The venture has united 50 well-known Thai cooks to attraction to health-conscious people and wholesome eaters all over the world by bringing awareness to the healthfulness of Thai cuisine, in accordance with the Director-General of the Department of Cultural Promotion.
The challenge is attempting to launch a viral world hashtag about “the World’s Tastiest Medicine”. With Covid-19 prompting people to pay extra consideration and concern to their health, together with residing and maintaining a healthy diet, the division feels nows the right time to advertise the wholesome side of Thai delicacies. It is hoped that the promotion will bring attention to Thai food globally and also the nation of Thailand itself.
20 totally different famous traditional Thai dishes have been registered as a cultural heritage including Som Tam, Thailand’s famous papaya salad, as properly as Tom Yum Kung, the popular spicy shrimp soup. The Department of Cultural Promotion intends to register more Thai delicacies in the future.
Thai meals has been well-liked around the globe with Massaman Curry just lately beating out pizza to win the primary spot on CNN Travel’s record of the 50 finest foods on the planet, an inventory that additionally ranked Tom Yum Kung as number 8 and Som Tam as quantity 46..

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