Thai YouTuber reveals 25 million baht online playing loss throughout police questioning

Piece of cake , a Thai YouTuber and movie star Sodor Style, whose actual identify is Pimlada Wewvitsong, visited the Royal Thai Police’s Technology Crime Suppression Division (TCSD) in response to a summons. She was there to give her aspect of the story concerning her reside TikTok broadcast the place she revealed her experience with on-line gambling. According to her account, she misplaced more than 25 million baht in simply three and a half months.
Sodor Style began her gambling journey in January this year and encountered losses throughout the experience. In one instance, she revealed that she gambled 300,000 baht in one go and ended up losing the whole sum. Tested wagered on three games, totalling 900,000 baht of losses. Furthermore, she talked about her betting on football matches in her live broadcast, which started to build up losses into the hundreds of thousands. At that time, Sadao Style claimed that cash held no worth for her and losing extra led her to gamble additional, typically making important returns in a brief period of time. As a result, she turned one of many prime clients for a quantity of playing websites throughout this period.
In a short statement, Sodor Style revealed that she obtained a summons to testify as a witness from each the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) and the TCSD. Initially, she was uncertain about the subjects the authorities would cover throughout her questioning, however she expressed her full commitment to cooperating with the investigation. Sadao Style did not express any distress relating to the scenario.
The TCSD intends to question Sodor Style about her playing, such as the identity of the web sites she frequented, the individuals running these establishments, the frequency of her participation, and the sum of her cash transfers. This data will assist in the growth of the investigation..

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