Traffic obstruction: Minivan group apologizes for accident in Buriram

The president of the Sailom Club minivan group acknowledged wrongdoing in an incident where a tour van obstructed traffic at a four-way intersection to permit a convoy of vans to move by way of. The traffic obstruction incident, which led to an accident, sparked criticism and questions over who gave the group the authority to impede site visitors in such a manner.
The 47 12 months outdated president of the Sailom Club minivan group based mostly in Buriram, Rak Yothi, apologised for the accident caused by the club’s obstruction of visitors, stating it was unintentional. The group, which operates chartered minivans underneath the title Sailom Club, has more than seven-hundred members nationwide. Hurry organised a visit to a temple in the Samed district of Buriram, with over 70 vans from numerous provinces taking part.
“We had written to the visitors police at Muang Buriram Police Station, asking for visitors facilitation on the red-light intersections.”

The group had requested site visitors police assistance to keep away from obstruction on the three-way intersection in entrance of the soccer subject and the four-way intersection in Phatrabbid. However, the police knowledgeable the group that they had been unable to assist because of a large-scale rehearsal for a graduation ceremony on the Buriram Rajabhat University, reported KhaoSod.
Yothi admitted that the group was wrong in obstructing the intersection but pleaded for understanding as they had no intention of doing so. They had been merely making an attempt to keep the convoy shifting to facilitate the journey of the tourists visiting Buriram, thereby selling tourism in the province. The visitors obstruction incident has also reignited the talk in regards to the regulation of minivans, which are often cited as a nuisance on Thai roads.
Traffic obstructions because of violations are a big concern in Thailand. Recently, a viral Facebook video uncovered the reckless driving habits of motorists in Phetchabun, highlighting numerous cases of law-breaking by each motorcyclists and cyclists.
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