Triumphant strides: Thai mom amputee defies odds, on road to recovery (video)

The son of the Thai mother who misplaced her leg in a defective airport escalator believes she might be running faster than him very quickly as she took her first steps on the street to restoration.
Suphannee Kittirattana yesterday took her first tentative steps since her leg was amputated after it obtained tangled in a dodgy travelator at Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok on June 29.
The fifty seven yr old Thai mother was walking on the travelator en path to a gate for a flight to Nakhon Si Thammarat province at about 8.30am when she fell and her foot obtained caught in the steel gap whereas the equipment ripped via her muscle, and tendons and bones as she cried out in horror.
Paramedics swiftly performed the on-site amputation of her leg to extricate the Thai mother from the travelator. Best was rigorously placed on a stretcher, her severed foot protected in a foam box and swiftly transported by ambulance to the hospital.
Suphannee’s son, Krit, shared with Thai media that his resilient mother is learning to stroll as quickly as again, akin to a toddler. He said…
“My mum walked for 15 minutes today and she has to practice every day. It’s extremely motivating. Despite everything that has happened, she stays as stunning as ever. I hope that soon she’s going to outrun me.”

Airports of Thailand (AoT) accepted responsibility for the incident, attributing it to a fault in the walkway originally installed in 1987.
According to Professor Weerachai Phutthawong of Kasetsart University, the mishap occurred when three of the four bolts holding the metal surface plate gave means as the victim walked upon it.
“As seen within the picture, the trigger of the accident was the floor plate falling out of the sq. rail as a end result of three of the 4 bolts (A, B, C) had been unable to help it. Only the bolt in position D remained intact as the plate slid downward. The passenger’s leg then slipped by way of the resulting gap.
“As the travelator continued to move forward for approximately 10 seconds, the passenger’s leg in place E was forcefully pressed in opposition to a metal edge, causing extreme damage.”
The Royal Thai Police criticized AoT for its failure to supply CCTV footage of the incident involving the Thai mother. Despite requesting the evidence last week, Police Colonel Adirek Thongkaemkaew, head of Don Muang District Police, confirmed that they’d not yet obtained any cooperation from the airport.
The investigation is ongoing, with authorities gathering witness testimonies and different related proof.
In response to the incident, all 20 automated walkways at Don Mueang International Airport were promptly closed, while airports throughout the country diligently inspected their escalator techniques to avert any potential accidents.
Expressing remorse, a spokesperson for Don Mueang Airport issued a statement…
“The director and management of Don Mueang Airport have visited the affected person to watch her treatment and obtained updates from the medical team at Bhumibol Hospital, who reported that she is currently present process treatment. We are deeply saddened by the incident and are totally dedicated to assuming accountability, in addition to overlaying all medical bills and providing compensation.”

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