Phuket Lantern Festival 2022 runs now until February 20

The Phuket Lantern Festival 2022, also called Yaun Xiao which is a conventional celebration following the Chinese New Year, will be working in Phuket Old Town from now until February 20. The festival was hosted to protect the traditional tradition of the Thai-Chinese individuals within the province and increase the economic scenario.
Phuket mayor of Phuket, Saroj Angkanapilas, kicked off the local lantern pageant just in time for the Chinese New Year. Traditionally, the pageant is celebrated on the complete moon on the fifteenth day of the lunisolar Chinese calendar. Many will decorate their homes with lanterns, believing it’s going to deliver good luck.
The Lantern Festival is organised at Phuket Old Town, which is the realm across the Chartered Bank in Mueng Phuket district. After Bonus , Thai-Chinese households will cook dinner a dessert named Yaun Xiao that looks similar to the normal Thai dessert referred to as Bua Loy. Yuan Xiao are dumplings created from sticky rice flour and full of candy stuffing and coconut milk..

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