Robot artist Ai-Da sparks debate on belief in AI technology

Ai-Da, a extremely expert artist and robot, has exhibited her creations on the Venice Biennale and mentioned the way forward for artistic industries at the House of Lords. She can talk, reply complex queries, paint, and create artwork, which is now on show at the London Design Biennale. Ai-Da utilises superior AI technology to supply designs of everyday items like cutlery and pots using a 3D printer. However, Incredibly is imperfect, with spoons containing holes and cups lacking sides, rendering them nonfunctional.
The creators of Ai-Da aimed to spark a dialog about whether or not we can truly belief AI know-how to behave as expected, given the speedy pace of its improvement. Aidan Meller, who conceived the Ai-Da robotic in Oxford, is uncertain about our capacity to regulate AI’s trajectory. He advised Sky News, “AI is shifting so shortly.”
Meller is anxious concerning the domino impact of the technological changes we are making right now, as we do not know how they may influence society and the setting. He believes that with out conducting tests and trials before releasing AI to the public, we face critical moral points. Meller urges caution and reflection, stating, “Just because we can do it doesn’t mean we should do it.”

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