Strange cold spell in Thailand attributable to high strain system from China

An abnormally sturdy high-pressure system from China triggered a chilly spell in Thailand today, according to the Thai Meteorological Department. The high-pressure system is now covering most of Northern Thailand, where temperatures had been 18-23 degrees Celsius this morning, meaning they’d dropped by two to 4 levels. Exclusive within the North are expected to peak today at 26-28 degrees Celsius.
In Bangkok, the temperature fell to 21 degrees Celsius. Weather reporters say that is unusually cold, especially in the midst of Thailand’s infamous hot season. The Bangkok area is chilly and windy, and rain is expected to cover 10% of the world. The southern region is warmer than the rest of the nation, but is expected to have extra rain, overlaying 70% of the world, with sometimes heavy showers.
The meteorological department expects this climate to final for the next two to three days. The department added that this unusually chilly climate, in the center of the recent season, was also recorded six years ago.
In the past, uncommon cold spells in Thailand have disrupted the country’s ecosystems. In 2021, a coldspell killed 10 tonnes of fish on a fishing farm within the northeastern province of Nakhon Phanom. The farmers mentioned they lost 500,000 baht from the fish dying. Fishery officials warned them the fish weren’t fit for human consumption.
The chief of the fishery workplace of Tha Uthen said the fish died from a mix of the cold, and low oxygen content of the water in the stream.
SOURCE: Thai PBS World | Bangkok Post

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